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Easton Under 9s topple Trojans

Easton Under 9s topple Trojans

Doug Umbers9 Jun 2015 - 17:39
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Easton fight hard to secure a good victory on a hot sunday morning!

As the EMWCC Under 9s had 40 children playing across southern Hampshire, their A team came out on top in a good contest with Trojans at Stoneham Lane.

After being put in by Trojans, Easton made 286 for 8. Some soft dismissals and a suicidal run out were rescued by good running and controlled hitting, especially from Fred Trinder, with 2 big sixes, and Will Kent. Trojans fielded well and stopped at least a further 20 runs to keep the score down.

The Trojans batsmen were held in check by some steady if at times inaccurate bowling by Easton. The crunch came with some tricky spin bowling from Ted Umbers and good pace through Trinder and Charlie Macodonald. The skipper for the day, Ali Reid-Thomas, wrapped a good team display for Easton by taking a wicket with the penultimate ball. Trojans ended their innings with 252 for 6.

EMWCC Player of the Match: Will Kent - technically strong batting - uses a straight bat at the right time! - and steady bowling.

Ali's Top Tip of the Day: As the bowler arrives at the crease the fielders should all be walking in and hands at the ready. This helps concentration and will lead to better fielding and more catches. And catches win matches!!!!!

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